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Dr Paulose - World Class ENT Surgeon

I’ve spent over 38 years treating and healing patients from around the world. I’m highly indebted to God for His mercy and compassion, in giving me the strength to continue my life’s call. Today, I’m happy to have this opportunity of expressing myself, sharing my knowledge and skills.

Thanks to my son Jose and through drpaulose.com – I’ll be posting topics related to medicine, surgery, preventive measures and occasional posts in my areas of interest – charity, spirituality, yoga, painting and  folk arts of kerala.

I update the blog frequently, and encourage you to follow me on twitter @drpaulose or subscribe for more updates (see signup box on the left):

I appreciate your readership and support. I will be updating the site with more posts . May God Bless, heal and comfort those who read this site.

Healthy and Happy Living!

Dr Paulose
Dr. K. O. Paulose, FRCS DLO
Consultant ENT & Laser Surgeon

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