Tribute to a Missionary –Fr.Francis Kalampadan

Witness through Suffering It is amazing to know that God chooses and uses weak, ordinary men and women to accomplish his purposes for his kingdom. It’s not about great men and women of God but a Great God! He is never failing. The life of a missionary is not glamorous, it’s full of hardship. I […]

Ear Nose Throat Disorders-On line Email Consultation from

As you can imagine I am very busy to send reply to all the emails which I am getting every day. I know most of them are from genuine patients seeking medical advice on line. But few are wasting my time. I would like to help you so I have introduced Email Consultations; this allows […]

Charity: Feeding The Hungry (Anna Daanam)

  The Employees fellowship in Trivandrum have been giving free meal for patients and their relatives in the Medical College Hospital Trivandrum, on every Sunday for the last 8 years, without a break .We feed around 500-700 hungry people every Sunday. I amalso involved in this fellowship and I thank all the readers of […]

Healing Properties of Water

Life without water- can you imagine? Water can symbolize life itself. Water is important in many rituals across all religion in the world. It is believed to have healing properties too in physical and spiritual healing. Holy or sacred water from springs or pools of many places are used by many people in physical and […]