Saline Gel – A Miracle cure for many nasal illness.

Salt is one of the easiest most affective remedies on the planet! Are we making use of wound healing properties in full? No. The pharmaceutical companies are not very keen to promote it as the profit margin is very little.

Saline is used as solution, sprays, drops and gel form in nasal passage.

Content of Saline Gel

and 100 g ointment contains

and 2.8 g sodium chloride

and 7.2 g sodium bicarbonate

Functions of Nose

1-Humidifies and moistens the air one breathe

A nasal mucous membrane with sufficient blood supply warms the air

that is breathed in to a constant temperature, irrespective of climatic conditions.

2-Cleansing and defense

The nasal secretion –mucus –does this function, catch bacteria

which are then transported by small hairs or cilia in the direction of

the throat, which then is swallowed into the stomach, where the acid kills them.

Larger dust particles are intercepted by nasal hair-vibrissae- at the entrance to the nose.

3-Resonance of sound

The nose and Para nasal sinuses are important for resonance of sound.

4-Sense of smell

The olfactory cells at the roof of nose is responsible for sense of smell.

5-Sense of taste

If the nasal mucous membrane is not functioning properly, and the sense of smell is affected, then the sense of taste also will be affected…

Action of Saline Gel in the nose

The respiratory tract is lined with a ciliary mucous membrane, which guarantees full functional ability of the respiratory organs.

The glandular cells produce a mucous secretion which warms and moistens the air that is breathed in (approx. 10 000 litre daily) and, at the same time, absorbs dust, dirt, germs etc.

Saline gel containing water, sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. The salt content is good for healing of the nasal mucous membrane and aids the regeneration of damaged mucousa. Sodium and chloride is , being major ions, for maintaining osmotic pressure and therefore various bodily functions. Owing to their hygroscopic effect, they create a moist environment in the nose.

As a buffer system, sodium bicarbonate keeps the pH faintly alkaline, thus enabling the cilia to function properly.

The functions of the nasal mucous membrane are thus ideally boosted. The cleaning function of the mucous membrane is aided.

When Saline gel applied, existing crusts and scabs are gently softened. Symptoms such as itching, burning and sneezing are less.

Indications of Saline Gel

1-Postoperative cases

All Nasal surgery needs some moisturing gel to be applied. Usually Normal saline douche is given, but it is cumbersome to use and patient compliance is less. The crusts and scabs, which forms when the nose becomes dry are not only irritates, and the risk of secondary risk of infection is more. Breathing as well our sense of smell and taste are also impaired. The secretion is stubborn and sticky and forms scabs and crusts on the nasal septum of the nose. If these scabs are broken away by themselves, this may lead to nose bleeding.

2-Dry nose

Affects all age group. Possible causes include side effects from specific drugs, heated

and air-conditioned rooms, dust or other irritants, which can lead to dry nose.

Rhinitis Sicca—If the nasal lining is dry, it feels inflamed and painful.

Causes of dryness in the nose

and URTI

and Dry room air in overheated or air-conditioned rooms, while flying.

and Dusty climate

and Smoke (e.g. cigarettes) or fumes

and Postoperative –Nasal surgery

and Radiotherapy for head and neck Ca.

3-Allergic Rhinitis

In Allergic and Vasomotor Rhinitis.

Typical symptoms of allergic rhinitis are sneezing, itching, increased production of secretion (runny nose) and a blocked nose. The nose often reacts to cigarette smoke, perfume, and cold air in during sports. The eyes can also be affected. They itch, sting, are red and are sensitive to light.

Nasal blockage can affect sleep –Snoring and sleep apnea.

(please read articles on snoring and sleep apnea on this site)

Saline Gel application helps

and moistens the nasal mucous membrane,

and loosens crusts and scabs,

and for the supportive treatment of colds in infants and children.

and improves nasal breathing and can reduce snoring as a result.

and Suitable for gradual withdrawal from decongestant nasal sprays.

and Aids the regeneration of damaged or irritated nasal mucous


4- Rhinitis Medicamentosa- Abuse /Addiction of Nasal spray

There are many OTC nasal sprays, which on long-term cause rebound congestion of the mucous membrane-it swells up again.

More decongestant drops and sprays are used. a vicious circles begins and the nose becomes dependent on the product. This is known as rhinitis medicamentosa.

The nasal mucous membrane gets drier and more irritated and can suffer permanent damage as a result.

The only way out of this vicious circle is withdrawal. You can do this with products that care for the nasal mucous membrane. Gradually lower the dose of the decongestant spray and reduce how often you use it until you can do without completely. Keep Applying Saline Gel in between.

5. Use for ENT Surgeon- in Coblation surgery-

Radio Frequency Coblator only work in a saline plasma field. In Coblation channeling saline gel should be applied before the wands inserted. Coblator Sugery is getting very popular in India.

But No Saline gel is available in India (as far as I know)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to apply Saline Gel

Administer a 1cm-long string of ointment into each nostril several times daily. Insert the end of the tube as far as possible into each nostril, press a little ointment out and, by gently massaging the sides of the nose, distribute evenly over the nasal mucous membrane.

Apply a small amount to the tip of a cotton bud and apply just inside your nostril and under your nose

Squeeze a little gel onto your fingertip and apply to the edge of your nostril and under your nose then squeeze your nostril closed and massage gently to distribute the gel

The ointment should be applied several times a day, especially before going to bed.


Any Pharmaceutical companies interested to make Saline Gel available in India; it will be a great service to ENT surgeons and patients alike.

Please contact me for any suggestions or advice regarding surgeon’s point of view.