Co2 Laser Treatment for for Chronic Pharyngitis in Jubilee Hospital, Trivandrum, Kerala, South India.

Sore throat can be due to pharyngitis or tonsillitis. The pharynx is the part of the throat that lies between the mouth and the larynx or voice box. It is associated most commonly with the common cold or influenza. While most sore throats heal without complications, in some cases, they develop into a chronic stage.


1. Irritation of throat

2. Chills and fever

3. Pain in the throat

4. Swollen and tender lymph glands

5. Difficulty in swallowing

May get associated symptoms of dripping from chronic sinusitis

7.gastro-esophageal reflux (GERD)

8.chronic dental sepsis

The treatment of this condition is aimed at eliminating causative internal or external irritants. Antibiotics rarely help the chronic pharyngitis.

Home Remedies

and Gargle with salt water. You can add ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder.

and Drinking hot milk boiled with turmeric powder in the night before going to bed.


1. Identification of cause and its correction. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, control of GERD, treat sinusitis, allergy

2. Warm saline gargles with turmeric

3. Mandl’s throat paint is useful in preventing secondary infections.

4. Betadine®gargle

5. Short course of broad spectrum antibiotic, antihistamines and deflazacort might give temporary relief.

6. Laser treatment Granular Pharynx-laser cautery (vaporization) of the granular follicles in the pharynx will give good relief.

How Laser Treatment is done

The surgical procedure, called Laser Granular Ablation (LGA), uses a CO2 laser to surgically remove, reduce or vaporize the granular follicles in the posterior pharyngeal wall and the hypertrophied lateral pharyngeal bands..

This laser procedure generally takes15 to 20 minutes and can be performed in an office setting. Those who have gag reflex it may have to be done under GA. The patient is seated on a dental type chair (see the picture) a local anesthetic is spray is used to anesthetize the back of the throat. The granule in the posterior pharyngeal wall are then cauterized, there is no pain, no infection and can get back to work without taking any leave. Very simple procedure can be done under local anesthesia. Takes only 10-20 mnts.

The cost is approximate Rs 5000.

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