Frontal bossing is an unusually prominent forehead, sometimes associated with a heavier than normal brow ridge. (Frontal bossing, boxhead, caput quadratum).

When the anterior portion of the sagittal suture closes prematurely, the resulting compensatory growth causes frontal bossing.


and Idiopathic

and After infantile hydrocephalus

and Acromegaly

and Basal cell nevus syndrome

and Congenital syphilis

and Cleidocranial dysostosis

and Crouzon syndrome

and Hurler syndrome

and Pfeiffer syndrome

and Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome

and Russell-Silver syndrome (Russell-Silver dwarf)

and Use of the antiseizure drug trimethadione during pregnancy

Major surgical treatment

The craniotomy must achieve expansion of the narrowed skull, shortening of the protracted anteroposterior distance, and reduction or elimination of the bossing.

Simple remedy

Hairline lowering .Design the hair style to cover it.