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More and more sleep apnea sufferers come forward for surgical cure. Recently there is more awareness among public and medical field about this killer disease. Most patients understand, if untreated the OSA can kill you. The standard treatment before surgical procedures evolved over the last decade, it was only the CPAP. Many patients have already bought one or two CPAP over a period and are unable to use it.

It’s not just that CPAP is ineffective for some people. CPAP users suffer countless problems when using the machine. Here’s just a few of the problems people have with CPAP like headaches, nasal congestion, dry mouth, sinus problems and claustrophobia.

Even some doctors are unaware of other sleep apnea treatments besides CPAP, according to research up to 50% of sleep apnea sufferers stop using their CPAP within 3 months.

Many of the websites that were promoting CPAP so aggressively were owned by CPAP manufacturers or retailers. Please understand CPAP is not the answer for everyone, there is alternative treatment and cure.

Obstructive sleep apnea can only be cured by removing the obstruction. That is the main objective for which complex surgical procedures selected. There is no tailor made “one “surgical procedure can cure the OSA.

LAUP, Partial Tonsillectomy, Tongue base reduction, Septal correction, LAPT, Removal of Adenoids and Tonsils in children are the common procedures done by Laser or Coblator by me in Jubilee Hospital. Most patients get 80-90% cure in first stage, rarely one need to do revision after a year. Patient selection is important. First of all conservative treatment is tried before doing surgery. Pre anesthetic and Cardiology consultation is mandatory, unless they give me go ahead, I wont undertake the surgery.

Surgery is NOT painless, but the pain can be controlled by analgesics, of course the patient’s pain threshold varies from patients to patients. No voice change, no permanent nasal regurgitation is ever seen in my experience over 15 years of doing surgery in thousands of patients.

The Snorers and Sleep apnea sufferers have no other choice but to use either CPAP or undergo surgery. There are nearly 200 Snore cure gimmicks available in the market, claiming hundred percent cure for the patients, but all just a waste of time and money.

Cost of Laser Surgery to Cure Snoring and Sleep apnea done under General Anesthesia

Rs 50-75,000 (USD 1000-1500 approx).Depends upon the procedures performed.

Prices include

and Surgeon’s fee

and Anesthetists fee

and Operation Theatre charges

and Drugs and disposables used during surgery

and Medicines and disposables used during surgery

and Post operative/ICU charge for a day

and Room Rent for 2-3 days –AC Room

Additional are:

1. Cost of Pre operative Check up like Sleep Study ,Blood Tests, X-ray, ECG, CT/MRI Scan Sinus, and other preoperative work up. Home Sleep study cost approx Rs 15,000.

2. Room rent if you need to stay in hospital for more than3 days after surgery, according to the type of room you choose

3. Cost of medications prescribed on discharge

(Cost of a good quality NEW Auto CPAP starts from Rs 75,000 onwards and Manual CPAP from Rs 35,000 onwards)

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