LAS-Laser-Assisted Septoplasty

Laser septoplasty is a simple, relatively new surgical procedure which is done for a deviated nasal septum. A deviated nasal septum can be the cause for many clinical symptoms. They are sinusitis, sleep apnea and also cosmetic disfigurement .Migraine headaches are also caused by contact spots from septal spur on the lateral wall of Nose. The laser septoplasty has now proved to be the best treatment for a deviated nasal septum which may be minimal to moderate. But for gross deformities of the septum traditional septoplasty is the only answer.

Many individuals have normal nasal septum and do not need laser septoplasty at all. But for many other patients experience a deviated nasal septum that significantly affects their life and their breathing habits.

The surgical procedure of laser septoplasty is very simple and less time consuming. The laser septoplasty is done under local anesthesia or under GA along with other nasal surgical procedures. The laser septoplasty is an efficient procedure where there is minimal or no bleeding. This is very comfortable for the patient and the operating surgeon too. There is no post operative wound infection with the laser septoplasty.

The use of a laser in correcting a deviated nasal septum is a relatively new procedure and has gained acclaim because of its speed and rapid recovery time. Unlike a surgical septoplasty in which the nasal cavity is cut open and the nasal septum removed or straightened, laser septoplasty uses a CO2 laser to remove the excess amount of cartilage that grows as a result of a deviated septum. The cartilage removed is larger than normal as a result of a deviated septum. The removal of this cartilage allows the patient to have increased air-flow through their nose without the harmful effects of a regular septoplasty procedure.

The main advantage that laser septoplasty has over regular septoplasty is the recovery time. The patient can return to his day to day activities on the same day after taking some rest. There is no need to stay in the hospital either.

But the laser septoplasty involves the usage of specially designed devices which some surgeons may not be able to afford and also it requires some experience to work with the laser. Thus the cost of the laser septoplasty procedure as such is costlier when compared to the traditional septoplasty.

The post operative care for laser septoplasty is also minimal. All the patient needs is a little amount of analgesics to alleviate the pain which is minimal. Also the patient needs to take some antibiotics to avoid post operative infections which are also minimal. There is no need of nasal packing to avoid bleeding. There is minimal or no post operative bleeding with the laser septoplasty.


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