Snoring and Obstructive Sleep apnea is a chronic medical condition where the affected person repeatedly stops breathing during sleep with loud snoring. These episodes last 10 seconds or more and cause oxygen levels in the blood to drop. It is caused by obstruction of the upper airway, resulting in obstructive sleep apnea, or by a failure of the brain to initiate a breath, called central sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea poses a threat to your life and has been clinically identified to produce morbid consequences to your body such as obesity, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, depression, dementia and unexplained sudden death.
In India there is a lack of awareness of this fatal illness .Although sleep disorder or sleep apnea has been identified as a disease in India in only last 5-10 years, 15-20 % of the Indian population suffers from the disease. And though conservative treatments for curing the disorder do exist, surgery is emerging as the best solution for complete cure of those with highest degree of disorder.

Surgery for obstructive sleep apnea usually isn’t done unless other treatments have failed or you are unable or choose not to use other treatments and those patients who are unable to tolerate continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).

If you suffer from any of the following, get treated without fail:
and Loud snore every night.
and Wake up suddenly during the night perspiring, choking or gasping for air.
and Wake in the morning with headaches or a sore throat.
and Excessive day time sleepiness, at work or while driving.
and Feel irritable; have memory loss or a lack of concentration each day.
and Suffer with obesity, type 2 diabetes, Hypothyroid, Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) or high blood pressure
How to go about?

Here one has to do, if you come to me in Jubilee Hospital Trivandrum, Kerala, South India:
Day 1- Morning session
First visit-Taking full history from patient and relatives, ENT examination including flexible fibre optic Endoscopy.
Full Blood work up, ECG, Xray Chest, MRI imaging of Brain and retro palatal area
Day-1- Night
Sleep study either in hospital or home or hotel. (Home sleep test)
Morning session: Review the results and plan treatment. Cardiology (if needed) and Pre anesthetic check up.
Plan 1- Either CPAP or other conservative treatment
Plan 2- Surgery using Laser or RF Coblator
If CPAP is opted, Trial is done same day afternoon and patient goes home.
If surgery is decided, then Pre anesthetic Check up is done.
After surgery
Day -2 After surgery the patient stay in Post op ward till evening and then shifted to the room and stay there till morning, have breakfast and goes home
Day-3 Morning
Patients are discharged Home after having breakfast.
Review if possible after 1 week.

Post op Instruction.
Can start eating and drinking after 3-4 hours after surgery
Pain killers and Antibiotics for a week

Cost of Treatment:
Cost Approx USD 1500-2000
More details:

Cost of Sleep Apnea Surgery in Jubilee Hospital