Samudrika Lakshanam and Cosmetic Surgery Nose



Samudrika Lakshanam in Anga Sasthra is one of the most traditional techniques of predicting ones character and personality by their physical appearance. The Samudrika Lakshana is written by someone called Samudra Raja (King of the sea). Every part of ones body from head to toe has a definite and positive prediction to reveal about you.

Human face exhibits a lot of characters of that particular person. The nose, eyes, mouth and various other parts of the human face are just the reflection of the human being’s character. While this facial structure is permanent, and not totally changeable, it could certainly be modified and better presentation of yourself could be made for winning others and achieving your objective.

The inherent nature of a person’s character cannot be altered much by cosmetic surgery. But the self esteem and confidence level can be elevated to a great extent. The role of facial plastic surgery comes here. I do lot of Rhinoplasties to achieve a better nose for person who is not having a presentable nose. Being the most projecting part of the face, position and shape of nose is very important. In men the masculine features are shown in a prominent nose and it represents his virility. No wonder in olden days, amputation of nose who committed adultery was common thing and Master surgeon Sushrutha had the opportunity to carry out many cosmetic nasal surgeries. The Nose and female hormones are connected; changes in hormone level affect the nose as in menstrual time and pregnancy.

The aspiring facial plastic surgeons may learn more about this interesting topic- the Sumudrika lakshana sasthra.