While there are many forms of healing, I believe that God is the ultimate healer, and He can decide to cure every disease and every ailment. The human healer is only His instrument. Divine healing is a perfect gift; yes medical science is the good gift. Doctors are one of those good gifts of the Great Physician. I also believe that God’s power begins where our ability ends. When we do everything we can do, we can fully expect God to do what only He can do.

Healing by divine guidance

God is the author and creator of everything in this world. He created the human healers-the doctors-Physician and Surgeons. He gives the healers the special wisdom through the gift of Holy Spirit. This enable them to do certain task like surgical procedure.

When you seek a doctor’s help , please pray to God to give him the necessary wisdom to be led by Gods hands in his decisions. We the doctors are not God, only mortal humans, but the Holy Spirit gives us the wisdom to make proper diagnosis and do certain tasks like surgical procedures. The best doctors are those who put their gifts of healing in the hands of the Lord and work in conjunction with Him.

God sometimes chooses to heal with miracles and sometimes chooses to heal with medicine. However ultimate healing comes from God. One should have faith in both.

“I am the Lord, who heals you.”

Exodus 15:26

By His stripes, you were healed.