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Warthin’s tumor is the second most common benign salivary gland tumor, which is located almost exclusively in the parotid gland. Warthin’s tumor accounts for about 15% of all epithelial tumors of the parotid gland.

Warthin tumor, also known as papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum, is a fairly common tumor. It makes up 14% to 30% of parotid tumors . Warthin tumor almost always occurs in older adults. In men, the peak incidence is in the 7th decade, whereas in women it is in the 6th decade.

The great majority of these tumors are located in the lower pole of the parotid gland. In about 12% of cases, there is bilateral tumor development, which is commonly synchronous.

Several studies showed that a significant number of patients suffering from Warthin’s tumor are smokers, in contrast to patients with other salivary gland tumors. The great majority of patients with Warthin’s tumor had a history of over 20 years of smoking.

The treatment for Warthin tumor is surgery, Superficial Parotidectomy.

Prognosis is good with a low rate of recurrence.

Post op after 4 weeks

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