Life In A Circle
Life In A Circle 1968 I started my medical studies in Trivandrum Medical college in 1968. I was an inmate of the Louis Catholic Hostel then, now the Jubilee Hospital. The Seminary and Hostel were next to each other. At the age of 18, I came here, stayed here for two years. As I was a very “ good “student , Josephachan then the warden did not allow me to continue , called my father overnight and asked me vacate the room immediately….(please don’t ask me the reason, I was only 19 yrs of age then)… Life went on…UK Middle East India.. 2010 Came back to where I started, the jubilee hospital (old Louis Catholic Hostel) worked here for 12 years.. 2023 Leaving jubilee at my own will. Really life is in a circle.. *Thanks to all my colleagues, staff, and administration who tolerated me for the last 12 years, Life should go on…. Hope to continue Jesus Healing ministry as long as God Allow. Thanks to all and In prayers dr paulose
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